Exchanges / Refunds

1. Payment Methods

We accept payment by most credit cards, PayNow, PayPal and bank transfer.

2. Order Cancellation

We do not allow cancellations, unless under exceptional circumstances.


1. How do I qualify for free delivery?

Free delivery is for all orders $60 and above.

2. My order is less than $60. How much is my delivery fee?

For all orders below $60, delivery is set at a standard $5 fee.

3. How will you deliver my order?

For food items and supplements, we will arrange for NinjaVan or similar to avoid breaking these usually fragile items. For goods such as toys and accessories, we may arrange for a SmartPac if they fit into the box. Otherwise, they will be delivered via NinjaVan or similar.

4. Do you do meet-ups?

Sure, we do! We can arrange in Clementi or Dover MRT stations. Just ask us!

5. Is there a minimum order for meet-ups?

Yes, the minimum order is $40 for meet-ups at Clementi or Dover MRT Stations. No additional shipping fee and best of all, you will still get $5 worth of treats if you do payment via PayNow and Bank Transfer (to be done before the meet-up, thank you!)

Orders and Payment

1. Do you do exchanges or refunds?

We ensure all items are checked prior to delivery. However, we kindly request that pet parents inspect their items upon delivery. Defective Items: If your items arrive damaged, or have any defects, please notify the delivery guy. If you find a defect or problem after accepting your order, please contact us within 2 days after delivery. We hope you understand that no exchanges or refunds will be entertained after the specified duration.

Please send us a clear photograph of the defect(s), with a detailed description. In the meantime, we request customers to ensure the item is in its original packaging. We will contact you as soon as we can to facilitate any exchanges or refunds.


1. How long can I keep the treats for?

All treats will come with a stated expiry date on their packaging. However, once opened, we recommend you keep them well-sealed, out of sunlight and consume within a month.

2. How about the NHV liquid supplements?

These super supplements can be kept up to 6 years if not opened (but don’t do that!). Once opened, please keep them refrigerated and consume within 6 months, if possible.

3. Another question on NHV liquid supplements - my dog/cat is on several medications, subcut etc... is it safe?

We get this a lot. No worries, you can safely administer these to your 4-legged friend as they are all natural and there have been no reported contraindications so far. However, to be 100% safe, you might want to check with your vet. If you are worried, contact us and we can check with NHV too as they have vets on their support team!

4. Another question on a product not listed here?

No worries, please feel free to contact us via the contact form or simply email us at

Urgent? Just Whatsapp us at +65 9790 7435