NHV Hearty Heart


NHV Hearty-Heart for Dogs & Cats

Did you know that over 10% of animals have some form of cardiovascular disease; or that congestive heart failure (mitral valve issues) affects 20-40% of dogs? The cardiovascular system of your dog is made up of the heart, artery, and veins. The three most common heart health issues with dogs are chronic heart failure, cardiomyopathy, and heart failure. If your dog is diagnosed with heart health issues, it will be a lifelong condition!

You can, however, help support your pet’s heart function, vitality and overall well-being with NHV’s heart health herbal supplement, “Hearty Heart”. This vet-approved, vet- formulated 100% natural herbal supplement is both gentle and powerful. Hearty Heart is formulated with herbs that provide support for your dog’s heart, their valves, and their pulmonary system. This combination of botanicals may improve blood flow, ease coughing, improve breathing, and help with appetite; it will also aid with other symptoms of dog heart conditions like weakness, restlessness.

NHV Hearty Heart is an effective, gentle, and natural herbal remedy that supports and maintains healthy heart function in your pets.

Promotes heart health
Helps symptoms of heart conditions, like coughing and difficulty breathing
Boosts energy levels, so they can exercise and play
Boosts blood flow to your pet’s heart, while maintaining the required flow
Helps your pet with restlessness
A natural aid for general circulation issues and pulmonary function

If your pet has a heart murmur, we recommend administering Hearty-Heart in conjunction with our other product NHV Tumeric

1 bottle = 3.4oz (100ml)

1 bottle = 100 day supply for a small-medium sized dog and cats

Product of Canada.
All the information on this page is reproduced with the kind permission of NHV.

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