NHV Tripsy


Vet-formulated support for urinary tract and kidney disorders.

Vet-approved Tripsy is specially formulated to support pets with kidney disease and kidney failure. It is a gentle, effective 100% herbal remedy that promotes proper urinary health and can help ease painful urination in dogs. Kidney stones and kidney failure are caused by poor diets. Kidney stones form when the body is unable to metabolise minerals.

Soothing aid for flushing kidney stones
Healthy support for kidney failure
Assists in the maintenance of healthy kidney function
Encourages urinary tract health
Helps alleviate painful symptoms
Helps inhibit infections
All natural anti-inflammatory
Suitable for long-term use

For pets diagnosed with renal failure, please also check out NHV Milk Thistle and NHV Tumeric.

For lymphoma: NHV ES Clear and NHV Felimm.

1 bottle = 3.4oz (100ml)

1 bottle = 100 day supply for a small-medium sized dog and cats

Product of Canada.
All the information on this page is reproduced with the kind permission of NHV.

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