Is a dry nose = sick dog?

We probably have heard it many times. If your dog’s nose is dry and warm, your dog is sick! How true is it?

Firstly, what makes a dog’s nose wet? Dogs secrete a thin layer of mucus to to help them in their sense of smell. This mucus absorb scent chemicals and improve the dog’s sense of smell through their olfactory receptors. This is why bloodhounds have the best sense of smell in the dog world because they have the most number of olfactory receptors! Mucous glands inside the nostrils also produce a clear, watery fluid which aids the cooling process through evaporation. As a dog owner, you would have noticed your dog licking their nose pretty often and this is how it helps to keep them cool!

So, is a dry nose equivalent to a sick dog? The answer is no. The dog’s nose can be dry and warm possibly due to weather, environmental conditions and time of the day. For example, if your dog stays out in the sun for too long, his nose may get a sunburn. (Humans are not the only ones to get a sunburn!) Also, ever felt your skin and throat dry after sleeping overnight in an air-conditioned room? Same goes for our pets.

If you have a pug or a bulldog, do take note that due to their short snouts, they will it find it hard to lick their noses and will cause drying out of their nose. This might result in a cracked, crusty and dry nose which is super uncomfortable for your dog. In such cases, we would like to recommend Natural Dog Company‘s Snout Soother!

So to conclude, a dry nose does not equate to a sick dog! It all depends on certain factors as mentioned above!

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