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Sunflower Lecithin for Dogs

Firstly…what is Lecithin? Lecithin is a phospholipid compound present in cell structures that is essential for metabolism and cellular health. It is mainly made up of glycerol, fatty acids, a phosphate group and choline. Also known as phosphatidylcholine, lecithin is generically used to describe the yellowish or brown fatty substances that is naturally present in […]

Should you brush your cat’s teeth?


I have to admit I am not the best cat owner. I brush my dog’s teeth once every 2 days, but when it comes to my cat, her chilly looks warn me to not even think about it. I wonder if most cat owners in Singapore brush their cats’ teeth and do they have an […]

Tea Tree Oil – can you use it on your cats and dogs?


I remember using tea tree oil as a teenager. That was a time The Body Shop had a super cool range of tea tree oil products to treat acne (teenage woes) and its refreshing smell always perked me up while I was washing my face. I also recalled buying tea tree oil shampoo (brand unknown) […]

What’s in a dog chew?

Does your dog love chewing on a treat or bone? Most of us in Singapore would have bought a chew or toy for our furkids to bite on to help them in their dental health or just for entertainment. However, do you really know how safe or healthy your dog’s chew is? Let’s start with […]

Is a dry nose = sick dog?

We probably have heard it many times. If your dog’s nose is dry and warm, your dog is sick! How true is it? Firstly, what makes a dog’s nose wet? Dogs secrete a thin layer of mucus to to help them in their sense of smell. This mucus absorb scent chemicals and improve the dog’s […]

Is your dog scooting his butt on the floor?


If you have recently noticed your dog scooting his or her butt on the floor or noticed redness around the rectal area of either your cat or dog, it is a an almost definite sign of anal gland issues. What are anal glands and their role? These are 2 pea-sized glands located around the rectal […]